Clean your paddling pool without emptying it with this simple washing-up bowl hack

This simple tip is a no-brainer
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  • A paddling pool is a godsend when you have hot weather and little ones running around. But, before you know it, half the lawn ends up in the pool along with leaves, insects, and grease from suncream.

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    No one wants to spend sunny days refilling the pool non-stop. However, this super easy cleaning tip using a washing-up bowl will help to keep the pool looking fresh – without having to empty it and start all over again.

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    Simply make a foot-washing station using a washing-up bowl filled with water for kids (and adults) to step into before they get into the pool. If children are getting into the pool with clean feet, this will reduce the amount of debris that ends up lurking at the bottom.

    It’ll also mean you use less water in the long run, which is better for the environment and saves money on bills. You’ll need to replace the water in the bowl ever now and then so it continues to do its job.

    If you have space, you could also try putting the paddling pool on a patio area rather than directly onto the lawn. Running out of space on your balcony or in your courtyard? Our small garden ideas roundup has loads of inspiration.

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    As well as garden debris, you might notice a sheen appearing on the surface of the water caused by sun cream. This can be remedied by throwing a tennis ball into the pool for a few hours. The ball will absorb some of the grease and leave the water looking much more inviting.

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    You can put the tennis ball in the washing machine afterwards on a low spin. Avoid setting the paddling pool up straight after mowing the lawn, and keeping your decking and paving neatly swept will also help.

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    Will you be trying this tip to keep your paddling pool clean?

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