Cleaning fanatic reveals unconventional hack to stop your bin from smelling

We'd never have thought of this

The smell of our home is so important as it signals to us that we're somewhere we can relax and close the door on the chaos outside. But there is one home smell we definitely don't want to catch a whiff of and that is the kitchen bin.

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There are various powders out there to help combat unwanted odours from our bins, and cupboard staple bicarbonate of soda and even cat litter are recommended for their odour neutralising powers. One cleaning fan has shared how she keeps her bin smelling fresh, and we think we might give it a go too.

How to stop a bin from smelling

Mrs D regularly shares her cleaning tips and tricks, from making your own dishwasher tablets to the tumble dryer sponge to keep clothes smelling fresh. She recently revealed that she uses the Duck toilet freshener on the underside of her bin lid to keep odours away.

'We all know what it's like to have a smelly bin, you can pop bicarbonate of soda in to soak up odour but it doesn't keep it smelling fresh,' Mrs D writes.

'Rather than sprinkling bin powders or bicarbonate of soda into the bin liner try using toilet Duck Fresh Disc gel on the inside of your bin lid. Toilet Duck Fresh Discs are anti-odour, they will neutralise bad odours and leave a fresh scent behind. Every time you open your bin you will no longer be hit by a nasty odour, rather you will be hit with a fresh scent.

'Don't worry your bin doesn't have to smell like your toilet. Duck has a variety of fragrances from floral to fruit.'


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Mrs D's fans were quick to comment on the post and praise her idea. 'Wow! How does your mind work? Why has no one ever thought of this before? Pure genius!' one wrote.

'Definitely going to try this,' said another.

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If you don't have a lid on your bin, Mrs D suggests sticking the Duck Fresh Disc gel onto the side of the bin. The gel does solidify a little so it may be worth giving it a go.

Will you be trying this hack?

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