Cleaning fans are calling this easy hack to make laundry smell fresh better than tumble dryer sheets

Have you tried it?

There's nothing more frustrating than putting on freshly washed clothes and finding that they don't smell totally clean. There are various options to help you keep your family's laundry smelling great, from fabric conditioner to scent boosters and even Febreze.

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One cleaning fan has shared a handy trick that not only makes your clothes smell extra fresh, but will fill your home with the smell of clean laundry.

Cleaning enthusiast Mrs D shared her tip on her Instagram, and lots of followers have commented to say they can't wait to try it out. Her simple video on Instagram outlines how to do it step by step, and she's also saved a video on her highlights where she goes into more detail.

How to make a tumble dryer sponge

Simply take two thick cleaning sponges in a large plastic container and pour two caps' worth of fabric conditioner over the top.

Next, pour hot water over the fabric conditioner-soaked sponges. Be careful not to scald your fingers on the hot water - it's worth adding in some cool water for the next step if you used water straight from the kettle, or you could use rubber gloves.

Push down on the sponges to make sure the fabric conditioner and water has been absorbed, and place a lid on the plastic box. Your tumble dryer sponges are now ready to be used straight away - you don't need to leave them to soak.

'This is so much cheaper, and a million times better than tumble dryer sheets!' one commented.

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Mrs D's top tips for using tumble dryer sponges

Another follower asked if you should still use fabric conditioner in the washing machine when using the tumble dryer sponge hack. Mrs D said that she always uses conditioner in wash loads, even if she's going to put them in the tumble dryer with the sponge afterwards.

You can use the same sponges over and over again - they shrink down in the tumble dryer but will spring back to life when you pour water and fabric conditioner over them for a fresh batch. 

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The cleanfluencer also suggests folding the sponge in half and squeezing the sponge slightly before putting it in the tumble dryer so that it's not pouring out of the sponge. It needs to be heavy with liquid with some fluid running off it, but not totally saturated.

In the video, Mrs D uses the Mrs Hinch-approved Lenor 'Calm' lavender and camomile, but any fabric conditioner will do. She also uses Minky sponge wipes, but similar sponges you have at home will work just fine.

Mrs D says you'll notice that your tumble dryer will give off a lovely scent of laundry throughout your house. With drying clothes out in the garden no longer an option, it's a good trick to have up your sleeve for the winter months when the tumble dryer ends up being in more frequent use.

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Will you be giving the tumble dryer sponge a go?

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