A massive 85 per cent of us are doing THIS to make our neighbours jealous!

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  • When Christmas decorating gets competitive...

    For more than 1 in 10 Brits, decorating our homes has become somewhat of a vanity project. According to a new study, conducted by George Home, a third of us are jealous of the neighbours’ Christmas decorations. Competitive Christmas decorating, whatever next?!

    Perhaps due to keeping up with the Jones’, it’s estimated we spend a staggering £2.6 billion on Christmas decorations this year in the UK. Wow that’s a lot of glitter and tinsel.

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    ‘As Christmas decorations go up this week, it seems Brits will have their eyes on their neighbours’ houses and not just their own.’ says Sonal Patel, Festive Buyer at George Home.

    Competitive Christmas decorating

    A staggering 85 per cent admitted that the envy had led them to buy a second, bigger Christmas tree. Further to that they have added extra lights to the outside of the house and front garden. All in an effort to outdo the neighbours.

    More than 1 in 10 aim to make their house the most decorated on the street, to make their neighbours’ green with envy.

    It appears we’re now so concerned with how our home looks that it’s not just exteriors we’re decorating. According to the study, Brits are now ensuring their whole house is decked. With the focus on kitchens (23 per cent), bedrooms (15 per cent) and bathrooms (10 per cent) now being dressed with decorations.

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    Other findings from the survey revealed more than 6.6 million homeowners had decorated their house before the 18th November. The eager beavers among us.

    However, the most popular time to decorate the house is during the first two weeks of December 56 per cent, followed by the week before Christmas 21 per cent.

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    ‘For those who are looking to add something special to their decorations, George Home has something to suit all styles,’ explains Somnal. ‘From tea cosies to toothbrush holders and fun cosy bedding there are Christmas accessories for every room. Decorating doesn’t have to stop at the tree.’

    Is your home dressed to compete this Christmas?

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