72 per cent of Brits admit to stealing this one thing from their neighbours – are you guilty?

New research reveals interesting insight into how we 'keep up with the Joneses'

Fear not, this is one admission of theft which won't land you in trouble with the law.

It seems the most common thing we steal from our neighbours is...their interior choices. With a whopping 72 per cent of us admitting to copying decor ideas and furniture choices from next door.

stone villa with porch

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Our homes are our own personal sanctuaries. A space where we revel in decorating and customising, to suit our own tastes. But what if you discovered your neighbours had copied you?

This was the very question My Job Quote asked 2,113 British homeowners, along with a few others, in an attempt to learn more about copycat neighbour habits.

The results revealed a staggering 72 per cent of UK homeowners confess to imitating the neighbours furniture. With 66 per cent admitting they have copied a neighbour’s decor.

It seems the notion being left green with envy is very apt, as 57 per cent copy the colour scheme.

Followed by 45 per cent copying the exterior decor; 41 per cent stealing the ideas for indoor accessories and 29 per cent pinching architectural details.

living room with couch and wooden table

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When posed with the prospect of finding out the neighbours were coping decor ideas 67 per cent felt 'uncomfortable' in the knowledge. With a contrasting 57 per cent saying they'd feel 'flattered'.

Many feel the pressure to keep up wth the Joneses, but aren't willing to spend to do it. Comparatively, 31 per cent said they'd spend up to £5000 keeping up, while 11 per cent would stretch up to an eye-watering £50,000.

We see no problem with the notion of taking inspiration from the neighbours decor – just maybe don't clone their home.

All sources of inspiration are welcomed in our eyes. You'll make your home your own, no matter what.


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