Is the dining room a thing of the past?

More Brits are using the dining room for storage and special occasions only, according to a new survey

How often do you use your dining room? Is it your go-to dinner-time spot or do you only use it on special occasions? Whichever way you sway, you are not alone. A recent study has revealed that only 52 per cent of Brits consider a dining room as a necessity these days, with many people opting to dine elsewhere in their home instead.

The One Poll study of 1,000 adults, conducted by independent furniture retailer Fishpools, found that almost half of people shun their dining room in favour of eating in - you guessed it – the living room. This statistic goes hand in hand with the rise of the TV dinner – 45 per cent of Britons often eat their meals whilst watching TV.

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dining room with wooden flooring and wooden table and chair

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It seems that the days of dinner being a time for socialising and chatting are numbered, unless there’s a special occasion. One in four of those surveyed admitted that they only use their dining room for special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, and when guests are round.

With this in mind, 36 per cent stated they would use their dining room more if they had guests round for dinner more frequently. Sounds like it's time to send some invites out and give that dining room a raison d'etre!

dining room with table and chairs and glass window

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Almost a fifth of people surveyed admitted that their dining room has been made totally redundant, using it solely for storage instead of as a room for eating.

Do you use your dining room on a daily basis, on special occasions only, or has your dining room been converted into a storage room? Let us know in the comments box below...