You won’t believe how one Mrs Hinch fan created this stunning chair for less than £35

A savvy upcycler breathes life into a dull old chair
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  • We’ve all been there, stuck with an ugly chair we either brought out of necessity or inherited from our gran. If you’re torn between hiding it or discretely chucking it in a skip, we have a third option for you – upcycle it.

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    We’ve been inspired by this simple DIY chair that cost just £34.80 to transform a dull brown chair into something to display proudly in the living room.

    Savvy up-cycler Beth Donelon from South Wales posted the stunning chair transformation in the Hinch Army House Decorating Inspiration and Tips Facebook group to a swathe of compliments, including:


    ‘Love this’

    ‘Looks great’

    DIY chair transformation


    Image credit: Beth Donelon

    The brown wooden and velour chair that Beth picked up for just £5 on Facebook marketplace was almost unrecognisable in the after shot. Instead, a shimmering silver and grey chair was in its place.

    Beth is an old hand at a furniture makeover, but this simple upcycle is something that anyone could master. While this chair was picked up online, I’m sure there are plenty of us with a similarly dated chair lying around in the garage.

    If you are hoping to replicate this  DIY chair transformation you will first need chalk paint to achieve the chic matt finish. The chalk paint Beth used was from Frenchic Furniture Paint in City Slicker.

    However, it was the upholstery that had everyone from on the Hinch Army group wondering how she’d done it.

    ‘I purchased the heavy duty silver crushed upholstery velvet from a fabric supplier called Hillside Textiles in south Wales,’ explains Beth. ‘I carefully took the old fabric off, keeping it intact so I could use the pieces as a template to cut the new pieces out.’

    DIY chair 2

    Image credit: Beth Donelon

    Once she had the fabric cut out to the correct shape and size, she used a staple gun to attach the new fabric. To cover up the staples she fixed decorative braid trim around the edges.

    Beth paid £5 for the chair, £25 for 2.5 metres of the crushed velvet fabric and £4.80 for the trim, bringing the grand total to £34.80.

    That is an absolute bargain for a chair that now looks like it cost four times that price!

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    You’re going to need to prize the staple gun out of our hands because we’re going to be updating the fabric on all our chairs in the kitchen, bedroom, living room…

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