Do you know how much your property is worth?

Zoopla has revealed the UK towns that have their finger on the pulse when it comes to their home’s value

Are you aware of how much your home is currently worth? Research has discovered that homeowners in some British towns are significantly more ‘hawk-eyed’ than others when it comes to checking their property's value.

Zoopla has looked into how many free instant property valuations were run by homeowners over the past year, and the results reveal the towns with the most 'hawk-eyed homeowners' and 'nosey neighbours'.

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Homeowners in Bedford are the most likely to keep close tabs on how their property value is performing – checking 67 per cent more than the average Brit.

Milton Keynes and Colchester came in second and third place for the most ‘hawk-eyed homeowners’, with locals keeping a watchful eye on their property’s value 62 per cent and 56 per cent more than the average Brit respectively.

As a whole, homeowners in the South East are most likely to keep on top of their property’s value, whereas Scotland’s residents are least likely.

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But it’s not only our own homes that we’re interested in. Zoopla has also revealed the British towns where homeowners are most interested in what’s happening to house prices over the fence.

Reading was found to be home to the ‘nosiest neighbours’, checking out how nearby properties measure up 61 per cent more often than the average homeowner.

Cambridge and Bedford came after Reading, with homeowners checking surrounding property prices 52 per cent and 51 per cent more than average.

People in Middlesbrough are seemingly the most ambivalent, with homeowners revealed to be the least likely to compare property values on both sides of the fence.

On a regional level, Londoners were found to be the most likely to investigate the value of their neighbours’ properties, while residents of Scotland were, again, the least nosey.

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‘Keeping a close eye on the value your own home and neighbouring properties gives you a good indication of how your local property market is performing,’ says Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla.

‘If you are looking to move, doing your research and speaking to your local agent is essential to gathering the knowledge you need to help you make more informed decisions.’

‘Homeowners in Bedford and Reading clearly have their finger on the pulse and are keeping an eye on developments not only within their own four walls, but also over the fence.’