Don’t forget (to clean) your toothbrush... holder! Hidden germs lurk where you’d least expect

It’s not just the obvious places in our homes that should be cleaned regularly – when it comes to hidden germs, they’re not always where you think.

What do coffee makers, bath mats and remote controls have in common? Puzzled? Well it turns out that these are some the worst places in our homes for hidden germs.

Sarah Humphreys, Executive Editor at US magazine Real Simple, revealed to Today where the hidden germ hotspots are in the home.

In the bathroom, the worst places for hidden germs are the bath mat, walls by the loo and the toothbrush holder. Yuk. 'Bacteria thrive in dark, moist places. What does the bottom of your toothbrush holder look like? Make sure you wash it a lot. And keep it covered.'


Cleaning walls by the loo is just as essential as cleaning the loo itself. 'If you watch a toilet flush in slow motion, it looks like a fireworks display and microbes can go 20 feet,' says Sarah. Yikes.

'When you're washing the surfaces of your bathroom, also clean the walls.'

Coffee lovers will be familiar with the chore of cleaning out the cafetiere and cleaning out the coffee maker, pet food bowl and stove knobs should all be a priority in the kitchen.

'You may clean the coffee pot filter, but oils from the ground or mineral deposits from your water will build up over time with bacteria,' says Sarah. 'Every six months, de-scale your coffee maker or use a white vinegar water rinse.'

And in the living room, we need to remember to clean the remote control, pet toys and light switches. 'Your remote control is dirtier than a toilet handle and also a tissue box,' says Sarah. Crumbs. 'Use antibacterial wipes to keep them clean.'

So ladies, pop those Marigolds on and don't forget to clean those often forgotten spots around the home... You know it makes sense.

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