Colour expert shares warning against DIY carpet dyeing trend

This is one trend to follow with caution
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  • Carpets are an investment, so when they start to look shabby it’s no wonder homeowners look for cheap ways to improve the appearance.

    But following the news of the latest DIY trend to dye carpets DYLON, the experts of dyes, have issued an official comment to warn about the use of the wrong dye on carpets.

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    Ruining carpets can be a costly experience, so it’s best to seek expert advice.

    Expert warns DYLON dye is unsuitable for carpets

    DIY carpet dyeing trend

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    The comment comes from Rachel Ferreira, Brand Manager, who says, ‘DYLON Machine Dyes are only to be used in a front-loading automatic washing machines. And cannot be used by hand or painted onto fabric. The all-in-one formula has a ratio of dye too elevated for the hand dye process.’

    ‘DYLON Machine Dyes are not suitable for wool and nylon, from which carpets are most commonly produced. As such materials cannot be recoloured with the use of domestic dyes.’

    ‘It’s important to note that carpets are often treated with a special finish to increase lifespan and prevent staining – which also means it cannot be dyed.’

    Image credit: Sussie Bell

    ‘Freshly dyed items have to be washed thoroughly, loose and unfixed dye will be removed in this stage. This is a mandatory step, also linked to product safety. Carpets cannot be washed in the washing machine, therefore our machine dyes cannot be used.’

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