You can now have your real Christmas tree picked up in January and cared for ready for next year

It's launched just in time for Christmas 2021

Nothing says Christmas like a twinkling Nordmann Fir covered in your most treasured decorations. But as exciting as it is to pick out the perfect tree, it feels incredibly wasteful come January 5th.

We love getting creative with Christmas tree ideas that can be reused year after year. And now your entire tree can be given a second life.

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Recyclable Christmas tree company Eco Elf

New, recyclable Christmas tree company Eco Elf means you can have your tree picked up from your house after the festive season - to be looked after for next year. The real Christmas trees will be looked after for a whole year ready to be used again next Christmas.

With only eight weeks left until the big day - and warnings of a Christmas tree shortage - lots of us are thinking about ordering ours. This year, people in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, and parts of Berkshire and Surrey have an eco-friendly option.

Eco Elf offers people the chance to choose their own real Christmas tree, which will be delivered to their door and then collected again in January. The tree is returned to a farm where it is re-acclimatised to living outside and kept safe and healthy, ready for next year.

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Callum O’Driscoll came up with the idea after seeing the queues of trees waiting to be destroyed after Christmas in 2020. 'I love having a big Christmas tree with all the decorations and lights, but it always seems like a bit of a waste,' says Callum.

He adds that even if you invest in the best artificial Christmas trees, they are largely made from plastic.

While if you buy a real tree,  it’s only enjoyed for a few weeks before the whole thing is chipped up. 'I knew there had to be a better way of having the joy of a Christmas tree without the environmental impact, and from there Eco Elf was born,' says Callum.

If you like, you can even choose a recyclable Christmas tree to have returned to you year after year. You can choose between a Nordmann Fir, a Norway Spruce and a Serbian Spruce, ranging in price from £45 to £65.

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Experienced tree farmers and suppliers will make sure every aspect of the trees’ journey is as sustainable as possible. This even includes the biodegradable netting used to protect the tree during transportation.

If you're looking for ways to have an eco-friendly Christmas this is a brilliant option. You get the sweet smell of a real tree, it's delivered to you and taken away and it's kind to the planet.

Millie Hurst
Senior Content Editor

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