Energy bills are expected to rise by £400, but this £3 hack could cut them by £200

Ride out the energy bill increase with this purse-friendly hack

The rocketing price of gas has left many concerned about the cost of heating their homes this winter. Average annual energy bills look set to increase again in April, by around £421, when the price cap will be reviewed by energy regulator Ofgem.

This follows an increase of 12% in October. With temperatures falling, many of us have already turned out heating on, but the unprecedented prices are a real worry for millions.

Although it's a hugely uncertain time, there are some energy-saving tips for the home that can all contribute to keeping bills down - including investing in £3 draught-excluding tape.

draught excluder tape

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The cheapest self-adhesive draught-excluding tape on Amazon can cost around £3 per roll. The budget DIY product could save you £215 on fuel after five years, according to Norton Finance.

It goes without saying that if you spend a little more money on higher quality tape, you're likely to get better results. However, this budget option from Amazon, at £3.15, has a 4-star rating and could reduce your bills over time.

Sticking a strip to the edges of your door frame where the door touches the frame will create a seal, keeping the room warmer when the door is closed. Draught excluder tape can also help to block out cold air from gaps around windows and chimneys.

radiator in hallway

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When applying the strips, make sure you don't stretch the self-adhesive foam, as this might prevent them from working efficiently. This budget-friendly method, along with tasks like bleeding radiators and turning off radiators in empty rooms, will all make a difference.

Although economic forecasters predict an energy bills increase of 33% in April, the cap will stop prices rising further through the colder months.

Last night, business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng tweeted: 'Protecting consumers from rising global gas prices is my top priority. The Energy Price Cap is holding back a wave of instant bill increases. It will remain in place, and at the same level, this winter.'

radiator with flower vase and radio

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Last month, a series energy companies collapsed due to the rising cost of wholesale gas, leaving Brits wondering what to do if your energy supplier goes bust. There are still warnings that millions will be unable to heat their homes this winter.

As around 40% of electricity in the UK is generated by gas, the energy bills increase affects the price of electricity to rise too - making energy-saving measures more important than ever.

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