This is the area you’re cleaning too much, according to professional cleaner

Step away from the surface cleaner
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  • We spend a huge chunk of our time cleaning and dusting our homes, but might we be going overboard? According to a professional cleaner, there’s a particular spot we often clean too much.

    When it comes to how to clean mirrors, Dani Palikarova from Fantastic Services says once a week is more than enough. Do it more often, and you could actually damage it.

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    The area you’re cleaning too much

    Some people clean their mirrors every day, but this can cause problems in the long run. Dani explains that moisture from humidity in bathrooms – and the use of glass cleaners – can get behind the mirror and destroy the backing over time.

    This can essentially turn it into just glass. To stop this from happening, keep your bathroom well ventilated. And if you want to remove the moisture from your mirror, use a squeegee and microfibre cloth, available at Amazon.

    Dani says that black spots and darkened edges appear when the backing is damaged in this way. ‘To help prevent this, you should ventilate your bathroom often and use a glass cleaner only once per week,’ she says.

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    Getting mirrors totally smudge-free can drive you mad, but Dani’s top tip is to use white vinegar and a cloth as the final step. This should give you a sparkling finish.

    So before you reach for your best cleaning products to clean away any marks on your favourite mirror, bear in mind that once a week will suffice. Never use a towel to wipe a mirror post-shower, nor a newspaper as modern ink will leave residue, Dani warns.

    To remove toothpaste splatters or other tough stains, try pouring some rubbing alcohol on a normal cotton pad, and scrub them away.

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    As well as being practical for checking your hair or that you’ve not got food in your teeth, best wall mirrors never fail to brighten up a space. Large ones like this rectangular mirror, at Aldi also create the illusion of depth and make a real statement.

    Just remember that over-cleaning them could cause more harm than good.

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