Guzzle Down, Greedy Gut and Rumblings! 10 funny foodie place names across Britain

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  • We really are a nation built on pomp, circumstance and food

    We’re certainly a nation of hearty appetites.

    Creators of bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie and cucumber sandwiches – crust-less of course – it appears that we are so overcome with astronomical gastronomical love that we have even named most of the country after our dishes!

    From Fudge Hill in Dorset to Cabbage Creek in Norfolk, many of our favourite foods take us on a tantalising taste bud tour of the country.

    Map extraordinaire Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick pride itself on producing maps with a little extra sprinkling of British pomposity, and in honour of our foodie nation, it has just released The Slightly Overcooked Map of Tasty British Place Names.

    And some of them are just brilliant…

    Guzzle Down, Devon

    In the picturesque county of Devon, all there is to do around this gastronomical hill is guzzle in the local pub.

    Greedy Gut, East Riding of Yorkshire

    Secluded at the tip of the coastline, you better be greedy for a fat serving of fresh fish and chips.

    Rumblings, Shetland Islands

    The most northern point of Britain, Norway is more likely to hear the rumbling of bellies than London.

    Bakebare, Banffshire

    In a secluded area of Scotland, we’re thinking of a new GBBO contestant…cue another Aga saga.

    Fryup, North Yorkshire

    Named after a timless British breakfast, but this Dale is far from a greasy meal.

    Teapot, Stirling

    Well, we are a nation built on tea afterall.

    Nutcrackers, Devon

    Germany may have created the Christmas Nutcracker figure, but we own a nutty town.

    Drunken Bottom, Oxfordshire

    There are sure to be a few colourful nights spent here and any village with ‘bottom’ in is a winner.

    Burgar, Orkney Islands

    Neighbouring hamlets include Fillets, The Kettle, Stews and Barrel of Butter.


    An appreciative sign of a good meal.

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