This genius outdoor desk is a working from home summer essential

It will protect your laptop from overheating while you enjoy the sun
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  • The temperature is soaring, but if you are stuck inside because your work laptop can’t take the heat, this garden laptop shelter could be the answer to your prayers.

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    Working from home has its perks, of which working outside while topping up your tan should be one. However, over-heating laptops and the sun’s glare on the screen can make working outside almost impossible.

    Luckily business solution specialist BIGDUG has come up with the garden laptop shelter. It is the ultimate hot weather accessory for working from home.

    Garden laptop shelter

    garden laptop shelter 1

    The shelter looks a little like a private working booth you’d usually find in a library. When stood on a table or the floor it creates an alcove large enough to shield your laptop (but not you) from the sun’s rays.

    It is packed with sunny weather essentials. The shelter has a built-in shelf to hold your sun cream, there is nothing worse than getting sun-burn while at work.

    It also has a fan holder to help you cool off as you top up your tan. It is even equipped with a hydration station, a.k.a a water hat that fits two small bottles. You can either wear it as you work or leave it on top of the shelter which has a special fitting for it.

    Garden laptop shelter 2

    Also included is a mirror to quickly check your appearance pre-Zoom meeting and space for a power cable. There is also a mini clock, so you don’t miss any important meetings.

    BIGDUG created the shelter after their own research revealed that 20 per cent of people enjoyed topping up their tan when working from home. However, 42 per cent said they wished they had a laptop shelter to protect their screen.

    Garden laptop shelter 3

    The shelter is portable and can be used in your garden, at the park or even to create a cosy working space inside.

    Buy now: Garden Laptop Shelter, £24.98, BIGDUG

    Priced at £24.98, this shelter is the solution to working outside we’ve been waiting for all summer.

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    Are you tempted to pick one up?

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