The unexpected work-from-home trend which sees people using THIS household object as a desk

People are getting inventive with the tools at their disposal

It’s a crazy world we live in at the moment and we are constantly adapting to new challenges that present themselves — such as working from home for the foreseeable.

But many people who live in smaller properties have found that they don’t have a workspace to set up their ‘home office’.

Whether it’s because they share a flat (so can’t use the communal table), or they simply don’t have a desk area in their homes — numerous individuals have found it challenging to move their office into their homes.

But, in keep-calm-and-carry-on-style, many have resorted to a unique way to work. Which involves using an everyday household object... an ironing board.

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People all over the world have been posting their improvised ‘ironing board’ desks on social media — so much so, the hashtag #ironingboarddesk is already starting to pick up attraction on Instagram.

Being long enough to fit all the essentials, such as a laptop, notebook and even an extra screen, the humble ironing board has proved the perfect solution to those without a big table.

Many have shared pictures of themselves working at their makeshift desks, either in their lounges or bedrooms — some with lovely views out of the window — along with the hashtags #QuarantineLife, #workingfromhome and #homeoffice. Others have even posted photos of their pets joining them on their newly-created workstations.

For those who can’t sit down for long periods of time, the different heights available with an ironing board make it the ideal alternative to a standing desk — which, in many ways, is more appealing than a regular table anyway.

Who needs a standing office desk when you have an ironing board eh?

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(Image credit: Future PLC/Trevor Richards)

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We love to see individuals getting creative in these difficult times!