This style of property proves most desirable – are you living the dream?

Modern may be more practical but it appears period is more popular
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  • Do you live in a Georgian house? It would seem you are living the dream, quite literally. Since Georgian homes won the vote as most popular home style in a recent study.

    According to a new poll, commissioned by Anglian Home Improvements, Georgian homes were found to be the most architecturally desirable property style throughout the UK.

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    The elegant style home, with symmetry and grandeur at the heart of its design, won favour over more modern builds. The top spot was closely followed by Victorian and Tudor style homes.

    Respondents were less accustomed with modern homes like 60s low rise properties, 41 per cent, and low energy homes, 27 per cent. Proving period homes are still desirable, all these years on.

    Top three most-loved home styles through the ages…

    1. Georgian houses

    Georgian houses most desirable

    Image credit: David Still

    The Georgian era of architecture counts between 1714 and 1830. This elegant style of house design drew influence from the classical grandeur of Greece and Rome. The architecture is very symmetrical and features many ornate decorative touches.

    Fun fact: During the Georgian period, residents were faced with a heavy window tax – this will be why many people bricked up windows, to avoid it.

    2. Tudor houses

    Tudor homes were built between 1485 and 1603. These homes have a very distinctive, recognisable black and white appearance. Classic homes from this era often feature exposed timber frames, thatched roofs and narrow windows.

    3. Victorian houses

    Georgian houses

    Image credit: Robert Sanderson

    During the Victorian period, 1837 and 1901, a Gothic revival took place within the world of architecture. Homes built during this time were designed asymmetrically, with pointed arches and elaborate patterns.

    Fun Fact: Lavish decoration was a way for homeowners to show off their wealth and status. These included  features such as ornate stained glass windows and doors.

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    The research was commissioned to launch the Homes Across the Decades quiz – looking into the architectural style of homes and exterior features that Brits love the best.

    Do you know your period properties?

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