This clever hand sanitiser hack will make cleaning up pine needles a breeze

How to get those pesky pine needles out of the carpet

Having a real Christmas tree at home can we a wonderful addition to your festive decorations. However, the pesky pine needles can often prove a pain to clean up. That is where this clever hand sanitiser pine needle cleaning hack comes in.

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If your Christmas tree sits in a carpeted room, you're probably used to the tussle between the vacuum cleaner and the pine needles. No matter how often you go over the area with a vacuum cleaner, there is always a handful left.

Hand sanitiser pine needle cleaning hack

christmas tree decor and lights

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To put an end to your frustrations Flooring Superstores have shared a handy hack to clean up any pesky pine needles that have fallen of your Christmas tree. The secret weapon is something that we all have lying around the house at the moment - hand sanitiser.

When cleaning up pine needles from a carpet there advice is to first apply some hand sanitiser to the area and leave overnight. You can also use a dry foam carpet shampoo if you have it to hand. This will loosen the sap adhesive, making it easier to vacuum up.

christmas tree decor and lights

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Joanna Henderson)

Leave the hand sanitiser to work its magic overnight then in the morning go over the area with a brush to lift up the needles. Then simply run over with a vacuum cleaner, and they should come up easily. If you are left with any stragglers, tidy them up with a bit of duct tape or a lint roller.

If you have real wood, laminate or vinyl flooring in your home, cleaning up pine needles is slightly easier. But, it is still important to clean up pine needle properly so the sap doesn't damage the floor.

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You can clean the sap off with a simple mixture of warm water and washing up liquid. However, be careful not to wipe the floor with a soaking wet cloth as this can lead to moisture damage.

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Will you be trying this hand sanitizer hack at home?

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