Eamonn Holmes shares his 'absolutely fantastic' Christmas tree lights hack with fans

In his words, he's 'solved family problems' when it comes to putting up the tree lights

It's the age-old debate, should Christmas lights be white or coloured? Thanks to Eamonn Holmes' smart Christmas tree light hack that festive squabble could be over!

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This Morning presenter Eamonn was overjoyed to share his new find with ITV viewers. Also posting on Instagram a video to demonstrate his lighting hack for all to enjoy.

Eamonn Holmes smart Christmas tree lights

‘As you can see, our tree is up’ begins Eamonn. ‘Same old tree, same old lights. Every year the same as the year before. Not my fault’ he exclaims.

‘Because my wife likes it like this. She just wants it to look the way she remembers it looking. The Way I remember my tree looking was full of colour. I like colour.’

‘But boy have I discovered something. This is not an ad,’ he is quick to point out to followers. 'This is not me saying go out and buy this, this is just me saying I have solved family problems.'

living room with colourful christmas tree

(Image credit: Future PLC/Rachel Whiting)

Twinkly Smart lights – how they work

He goes on to explain, ‘I found these lights called Twinkly LED lights. They are string lights and you dressed your tree with them. What difference do they make?' he asks, as he begins to chuckle to himself.

‘Well, there’s an app associated to them. Your app goes on your phone or your iPad, or whatever and here is what happens.’ As he shows the tree illuminated with cool white lights he says ‘Ruth’s lights’. Then with a touch of a button, using his app he turns the lights to a garish glowing red saying ‘Eamonn’s lights.

Magic, absolutely fantastic’ he delights. ‘And any sort of lights, you can change these all the time. Back to Ruth’s lights’ he explains returning to the white.

Then he changes to a purple hue saying ‘What about that, a colour explosion there. Believe me they can twinkle. They can pulsate. They can have a colour cascade! No longer do you have to be stuck with the same set of lights, year after year’ he enthuses.

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Team Ruth or team Eamonn, which do you prefer – white or coloured Christmas light?


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