Your street name could see your property SOAR in value – find out why

But which names add the most value to your property - and why?

If you live on a street that has a pretty or happy name, then you're in luck. Experts believe this can greatly increase the value of your home - in some cases by more than £50,000!

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However it turns out most house-hunters pay very little attention to the name of the street.

Mortgage firm Bankrate reveals 92 per cent of Brits aren’t concerned with the street name of their potential home. But new research suggests they should…

Happy road names net thousands

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After analysing thousands of road names in England and Wales, the research shows that having a street name that's ‘positive’ or ‘happy’ can increase a property’s value by an average of £24,830.86.

The word 'chipper' in a street name apparently adds the most value. Roads containing this word end up being worth £56,571 more on average than other road names. Streets with 'chipper' are most commonly found in South West England - who knew?!

This is followed by ‘pretty’ which adds £44,918 to your home’s selling price on average. 'Pretty' is most frequently found in the East of England.

In third place is ‘gay’, boosting your home’s value by a whopping £40,293 on average in the 15 streets it features in.

10 happiest road names adding the most value to a property

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  1. Chipper - £56,571 (average added value)
  2. Pretty - £44,918
  3. Gay - £40,293
  4. Pleasure - £39,836
  5. Dancers - £32,029
  6. Beam - £30,623
  7. Heaven - £29,273
  8. Merry - £27,619
  9. Peace - £24,986
  10. Eager - £21,921

The findings reveal that the North West is the most popular region in the UK for happy road names. The most popular happy name in the region is ‘hope’.

Followed by Yorkshire and The Humber with 199 happy road names, which is also the region with the most affordable properties in the UK.

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In Yorkshire and The Humber, it appears that their favourite happy street name is also ‘hope’ as it is found more frequently than any other in the region.

In third place is the South East which features 175 happy streets. Where the region’s most common happy street name is ‘summer’.