Mum creates her own Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs!

It's the perfect spot to delve into a good book and escape the muggle world

It may not be number 4 Privet Drive, but what this Pennsylvanian mum has re-created is pretty spellbinding!

Welcome to Courtney Bonnet‘s Harry Potter inspired cupboard under the stairs.

As a librarian, Courtney was fuelled by her love of reading and the Harry Potter series and wanted to create a hideaway where she and her children could tuck into a book and escape the muggle world.

After discovering the cupboard in her new home and instantly recognising its literary potential, Courtney got decorating.

With the swish of a paintbrush and the flick of some glue the grotty cupboard under the stairs was transformed from a crumbling room with plastered walls into the ultimate reading haunt.

Her very own chamber of secrets, the cubbyhole is now adorned in beautifully scripted pages from the Harry Potter collection and covered in giant posters.

The den is dotted with wizard memorabilia including a gold snitch, a sorting hat and a small trunk to take Harry’s bits back to school on the Hogwarts Express.

There’s even a floating Hedwig to deliver letters sent from Hagrid and Dumbledore.

The themed cove is the perfect spot to encourage children to get their noses into books this year. In fact, we think the only trouble Courtney will have is getting them out of there!

So whether it’s Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, find a little spot for your little ones and with a little TLC you have the perfect base for your budding bookworm.

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