Inside Heidi and Spencer Pratt's house – and it's not in The Hills, it's on the beach...

Keith Lemon lets us Through The Keyhole to gain a glimpse into the life of Speidi

For those that watched the cult TV show The Hills (THE original reality show), you'll be used to seeing inside Heidi and Spencer Pratt's house. But not even die-hard fans of the show will have seen this particular Speidi home. The couple moved into this stunning Santa Barbara beach house well after the cameras stopped rolling for the show.

The famous twosome are now joined at home by their year-old son Gunner. And just recently, they invited Keith Lemon and the Through The Keyhole crew to look around. Rather them than us!

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The Hills is making a monumental return next year, it's called 'New Beginnings'. So will the new house of Speidi be festured in the reboot show? We hope so, firstly for the entertainment value – plus its stunning interiors!


Heidi and Spencer Pratt's house

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

The classic clapboard beach house is an authentic all-American home – we wouldn't expect anything else from the celebrity couple.


hallway with wooden floor and stairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

Gunner's baby paraphernalia is stacked neatly in the hallway, all ready to grab and go at the first opportunity.


kitchen with wooden floor and white interior

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

Ah the kitchen, always the scene of deep procrastination in The Hills. The cast will have the perfect spot to go over the dramatic events from the previous night in this calming kitchen space.

kitchen with wooden floor and white counters

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

Living room

living room with larger seating area and wooden floor

(Image credit: Future PLC/ ITV)

After their stint on Celebrity Big Brother, this large seating area must bring back memories for the couple. Though we're not sure they're fun ones, after all the drama that took place. Who can forget Spencer's stirring in the famous house?!

living room with sofa and coffee

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

It's no surprise to find dream catchers and crystal relics in this house, given Spencer's fondness for all things mystical.

Games room

game room with pool table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

Mind games are much more up Spencer's street, but the pool table suggests he enjoys physical games, too! Keith suggests they might be using those tribal spears in the corner for a bit of back-stabbing!


balcony with beach view and sea

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

What a view!

Beachfront terrace

house outdoor with beach

(Image credit: Future PLC/ITV)

Heidi and Spencer must be raking in the reality royalties to be able to afford a house right on the beach. That's a tour of the house, will it appear The Hills reboot? If it does it's sure to be the centre of all the entertainment.

And as for what will Speidi do next, who knows? 'The rest is still unwritten...'

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