The average Brit spends more than 2000 days doing chores in their lifetime

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  • Can you guess which chores are the most time consuming?

    Do you ever feel like you spend half your life cleaning, cooking, gardening and sorting the house out? Half your life may realistically be a bit of an exaggeration, but it isn’t surprising that you feel that way.

    A recent study has revealed that the average Brit spends a staggering 2175 days in their lifetime carrying out household chores.

    The survey of 2000 people, carried out by London Cleaning System, looked at 20 typical household chores. The results show that the most time consuming chore is cooking. The average Brit spends 253 minutes per week in the kitchen cooking meals. That’s the equivalent of 219 hours per year, or 439 days over the course of your lifetime.

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    Cooking area

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    On top of this, we spend an average of 98 minutes a week washing up, which equates to 85 hours a year and 170 days in our lifetime. That’s a lot of time spent in the kitchen.

    The second most time consuming chore is washing clothes. On average we spend 102 minutes per week/88 hours per year/173 days in our lifetime washing clothes and hanging them out to dry.

    Clothes washing

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    Here are the full results:

    20. Patio cleaning – 16 minutes per week, 28 days in a lifetime

    19. Driveway cleaning – 17 minutes per week, 29 days in a lifetime

    18. Sewing/mending clothes – 22 minutes per week, 38 days in a lifetime

    17. Cleaning car – 24 minutes per week, 42 days in a lifetime

    16. Decorating – 26 minutes per week, 45 days in a lifetime

    15. Washing windows – 32 minutes per week, 55 days in a lifetime

    14. Sorting wardrobe – 32 minutes per week, 55 days in a lifetime

    13. Tidying cupboards – 39 minutes per week, 68 days in a lifetime

    12. Dusting – 44 minutes per week, 76 days in a lifetime

    11. Changing beds/towels – 47 minutes per week, 81 days in a lifetime

    10. Tidying bedroom – 50 minutes per week, 87 days in a lifetime

    9. Ironing – 61 minutes per week, 106 days in a lifetime

    8. Hoovering – 67 minutes per week, 116 days in a lifetime

    7. Cleaning the bathroom – 68 minutes per week, 118 days in a lifetime

    6. Walking the dog – 71 minutes per week, 123 days in a lifetime

    5. Gardening – 86 minutes per week, 149 days in a lifetime

    4. Washing up – 98 minutes per week, 170 days in a lifetime

    3. Weekly food shop – 100 minutes per week, 173 days in a lifetime

    2. Washing clothes – 102 minutes per week, 177 days in a lifetime

    1. Cooking – 253 minutes per week, 439 days in a lifetime


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