Transform a small garden for less than £40 with this clever Homebase planter

It will even bring green life to balconies
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  • Outdoor space has never seemed so important as now. Even, if you have a small garden or tiny balcony you can make the most of it with the new Homebase modular planter.

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    None of us is excited about the prospect of potentially following in Italy’s footsteps and being stuck at home for a few weeks. However, why not make the most of it and give your outdoor space a bit of love.

    Spring is almost upon us, so why not take this time to cheer up your garden with some daffodils or hyacinths. Before you start complaining that you don’t have enough space, meet the Homebase modular planter.

    Homebase modular planter

    Homebase Modular Planter 1

    Jumping on the trend for vertical gardens, Homebase has created a durable planter that allows you to stack your flowerbeds. You no longer need a sprawling lawn and borders to enjoy freshly blooming flowers.

    Made up of three planters, the set can be put together in a number of different configurations to fit your small garden or balcony perfectly. You can even fit it together with a second modular planter set for a more dramatic green wall.

    Homebase Modular Planter 2

    Priced at just £39.99, the planter is easy to assemble, lightweight and durable. Plus it can be packed flat for storage. A drip tray is built in to collect excess water, making it the perfect place for tomatoes or a herb garden to flourish.

    When planting up your vertical garden, be careful to bear in mind how much light each plant needs. Plants that enjoy shade such as snowdrops, lily of the valley or bleeding heart, will grow best in the bottom planter.

    Homebase Modular Planter 3

    Buy now: Modular Planter Set, £39.99, Homebase

    However, plants that thrive in sunlight such as hydrangea, plantain lilies or yarrow will grow best in the top bed.

    If you are feeling really ambitious, why not consider turning your planter into a vertical fruit and vegetable patch? Fill it with tomatoes, strawberries and maybe even a few potatoes.

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    Will you be trying out your green thumb with Homebase’s modular planter?

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