This is the day of the week your house is most likely to sell on

Research has discovered that 40% of property sales last year were on this day of the week

It’s no secret that properties sell better at certain times of the year. Around Christmas time, for instance, when everyone’s breaking the bank with their Christmas shopping, people aren't interested in moving home, so there’s next to no chance of your house selling. In Spring though, the time for new beginnings, properties are sold much faster.

What’s more, sellers can expect to get a better price if they put their property on the market at the ‘right time’.

But did you know that there’s a certain day of the week that your house is most likely to sell? No? Nor did we!

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(Image credit: Getty Images) have analysed data from the Land Registry, which contains information on more than 1 million properties, and found that there's a specific day of the week that most properties are sold.

The research revealed that 44 per cent of properties on the market in the UK last year were sold on…wait for it… a Friday! That's almost half of all sales made on one particular day of the week.

By contrast, the lowest number of property transfers was made on a Saturday and Sunday.

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The study also revealed that while properties are most likely to be sold on a Friday, these houses are alsmo most likely to sell for less than houses sold on any other day of the week. Properties on average achieved the highest prices on  Sundays.

And how is 2017 looking so far? Results show that this year properties have still been most likely to sell on a Friday, with more than 50 per cent of all recorded transfers made on this day.

So if your house is currently up for sale, Friday could be your lucky day!

Heather Young

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