How much is the White House worth? Everything you ever wanted to know about the famous house

Everything you need to know about Joe Biden's new pad

Today all eyes will be on Washington as Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. It won't be an easy job dealing with the fallout from the current circumstances, but it does come with the perk of living in one of the most famous houses in the world - the White House.

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We've all seen the iconic building on TV and in photographs, but how much do you actually know about the property? With the help of we have the answers for anything you ever wanted to know - from who built The White House, to how much the property is worth.

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Where is the White House?

This might sound like a pretty basic question, but each year Google has 134,400 people searching this very question. The White House is located in Washington, DC at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

How much is the White House worth?

The White House is worth $397.9 million, according to US-based real-estate listings firm Zillow, who calculated the price in 2017. That is equivalent to £290 million, making it worth more than the most expensive house in Britain.

Who owns the White House?

After hearing just how much the place is worth, many of us will be keen to know who owns the White House. Well, it's not the president. He might live there, but the house is a National Heritage Site owned by the National Park Service.

Who built the White House?

The site for the White House was chosen by the first US president, George Washington in 1791. However, it was built by Irish-born architect James Hoban in 1792.

After eight years of construction is was still unfinished, and was burnt down in 1814. However, James Hoban was appointed to rebuild the property which was finished in 1817. The South Portico was added in 1824, and the North Portico in 1829.

How many rooms are in the White House?

The short answer is A LOT, but not quite as many as Buckingham Palace. The White House has 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms spread across 6 levels.

Inside the property has eight staircases, three elevators, 28 fireplaces and an incredible 412 doors. One particularly fun fact is that it would take 570 gallons of paint to repaint the outside. That is one DIY job we do not like the sound off. 

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The inauguration takes place at 11am in the US. Welcome to the Biden administration.

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