Solar panels could save you £195 in bills – if you live in this city in England

Yes, solar panels can save you money – but the amount will vary substantially depending on where you live in the UK

Do solar panels save you money? The answer is a reassuring 'yes', so they're not only an environmentally-friendly source of energy, but are pretty much guaranteed to save you money on energy bills in the long run. However, how much you'll be able to save after installing solar panels will vary by quite a bit, depending on your location.

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Recent research by rom reveals how much money we could all save on our energy bills by harnessing the power of solar energy. The results are very encouraging for anyone who has been considering installing solar panels but isn't sure that they're worth the initial expense given that Britain isn't exactly famous for its sunshine.

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What the research shows, however, is that even in parts of the UK that get relatively little sun (looking at you, Scotland), solar panels will save you well over £100 a year in energy bills. Even in Glasgow, which is the location where you'll save the least, you can expect to pay £137.71 less for your bills if you get your energy from solar panels. In Manchester, Bradford, and Edinburgh, this figure will be between £140-150 per year.

The best news, however, is reserved for residents of southern England, which does get quite a lot of sun. Live in Brighton and Hove? You've hit the solar panel savings jackpot – you can expect to save a whopping £195.27 a year on your bills. Plymouth, Bournemouth, and Portsmouth are also all excellent locations to harness solar power, with saving around £190. And even in towns that aren't particularly known for being sunny, such as Cardiff, Reading, and Liverpool, you can slash off around £170 a year off your bills if you go solar.

Peter Earl, head of energy at commented on the findings: 'Though some areas will benefit more than others, installing solar panels can help to save money wherever you live, as well as help to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, providing a great long-term investment to help you save money and the planet at the same time.'

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Not sure you are ready to go solar? Peter says: 'If you want to play your part in living a more sustainable life but don’t know where to start, you can look at switching to a renewable energy provider. Alternatively, you could make your own renewable electricity by having solar panels installed, as government loans such as the Green Deal help fund energy-saving improvements to your home.'

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