Who are Britain’s biggest home spenders?

A recent survey revealed which regions in Great Britain are prepared to spend more when redecorating. How does it compare to your home?

How much have you spent on redecorating your home? Well, it probably depends where you are in the country.

A new survey by Hillarys Blinds has revealed how much we spend on decorating our homes per year in Great Britain.

The poll, taken by 1688 homeowners across the country, asked how much money they had spent on decorating their houses over the past three years.

The numbers varied greatly. The biggest spenders on interior design are those living in London, whilst the Scots are the thriftiest.

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(Image credit: Hillarys Blinds)

London residents spent on average
£5,781 a year on decorating and purchasing new furnishings, closely followed by homeowners in the West Midlands and those living in Wales.

At the bottom of the chart, Scots claimed to spend just £566 on decorating their homes annually, with the North East following on their tail at just £758.

The participants were then split according to their gender and asked how much they would be prepared to spend on each room in their house to update it into their dream home.

Some would spend more on the bathroom, others would prefer to doll up the exterior, but one thing was clear...men are the big spenders!

On average men would spend £5,000 doing up the garden, whilst women would spare a mere £1,000.

Men would also be willing to spend £1,000 more than their female partners when doing up the living room.

Women in the poll said they would prefer to spend the most money on decorating and furnishing their kitchens whilst spending the least on the spare bedroom - it's clearly not them who are sent to the guest room when someone begins snoring...

In total, the average man would spend £15,250 to achieve their dream home whereas, confident in their bargain abilities and content in their homes already, women would spend just £13,800 on improvements.

Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

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