Stacey Solomon sparks debate on how often you should change bed sheets

We've asked the experts to weigh in and settle it once and for all

Stacey Solomon sparked debate after revealing how often she changes bed sheets. The answer came as a surprise to some, so we've asked sleep experts to weigh in to settle it once and for all.

Loose Women star, Stacey Solomon, revealed that she changes her bed sheets every week, shocking fans and leaving many questioning their own laundry practices. Although there's nothing quite like the feeling of sliding into crisp duvet covers after a long day, the upkeep to keep them pristine isn't always the easiest to keep on top of.

Rising energy bills have urged many to make efforts to save energy at home, ruling super frequent laundry days out the window – but how often should you actually be changing your bed sheets?

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How often should you change bed sheets?

Getting a restful night's sleep is important to many, whether that's investing in the best mattress or staying on top of your bedroom cleanliness.

It's long been drilled into us that we should change our bed sheets every week, and experts agree. 'Despite her answer shocking radio listeners, Stacey Solomon is right,' confirms Martin Seeley, CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay.

'Every night, the average person sweats at least 200ml of liquid, which naturally seeps through to your duvet. Further studies show that the average bedding harbours around 20,000 dust mites which can be triggering for those that suffer from allergies, therefore, causing a runny nose, congestion and more.'

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Previous studies have revealed that many people are not washing their bedding enough, putting them at risk of illness.

'Given that 80% of dust mites are made up of your dead skin, which you naturally produce more of overnight, you should be washing your bedding at least once a week,' advises Martin Seeley.

If you suffer from night sweats or get hot flushes, it's recommended to wash your bedding even more often. The same goes for hotter months.

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Bedding should be washed at 60 degrees, the recommended temperature to ensure you kill germs, as well as air dried where possible, to prevent them from going wrinkly (also great to cut down energy usage). Some might even opt for a heated clothes airer, in these cases.

As well as your bedding, it's also equally as important to know how to properly wash a duvet and how to wash pillows.

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Of course, there'll be varying circumstances where once a week isn't always achievable, but it's all about making the effort where possible. We're on Stacey's side for this one.

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