This is how often you should be changing your bed sheets

Are you a once or twice a week kind of person?
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  • Is there really anything better than stumbling into your bedroom and sliding between a set of crisp bed sheets after a long day?  But while we’d love to recreate that feeling every evening, unless you live in a hotel, pristine sheets every day are a rare treat.

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    Busy schedules and electric bills have ruled daily bed sheet changes out of the question – not to mention the impact it has on the environment. But how often should you actually be changing your bed sheets?

    How often should you change bed sheets?

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    From a young age it was drilled into us that we should change our bed sheets every week. It seems we weren’t the only ones. According to a survey by The French Bedroom Company 62.5 per cent of us think we should change the bed sheets weekly.

    While a further 22.5 per cent is a little more relaxed in their approach, believing your sheets can last two weeks before being changed.

    The French Bedroom Company followed up on whether we actually stick to this. It was reassuring to find that 46 per cent of people practise what they preach and changed their sheets every week.

    28 per cent changed them every two weeks, while 19 per cent confessed to leaving them for more than 3 weeks.

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    According to some industry experts, we should be changing sheets at least once every two weeks. However, that is dependent on circumstances and the weather.

    If you suffer from night sweats, throwing sheets in the washing machine once a week will keep them fresh. The same goes for the hotter months.

    ‘To ensure you have the best sleep, sleeping in natural fabrics such as cotton will allow your body to breathe and settle down quickly at the end of a busy day,’ says Sean Lyndon Cook, the found of the Lyndon Company.

    ‘During the warm summer months, we recommend laundering your bedding about once a week to keep it fresh,’ he adds.

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    When it comes to drying freshly laundered sheets, take advantage of the warm weather and hang them outside to dry. No creases and environmentally friendly, that’s a double win.

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    How often do you change your bedsheets?

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