12 best duvet covers to dress your bed in style

Update your bedroom in an instant with these tried and tested duvet covers and stylish sets - plain, patterned and floral

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If your bedroom is feeling a little tired, and you’re fed up with your current setup, then a new duvet cover is an easy way to refresh your space. You might not have the time to redecorate and investing in new furniture may be out of budget. But buying a new bedding set is an easy way to update your room without the hassle or cost. 

The beauty of great bedding is that you can change it frequently, too. Fancy going for serene greens or bold blooms this week? How about a splash of colour for vibrancy? Or add print to a plain bedroom for some extra fun? Either way, it's easy to switch up your style with a quick change of sheets. 

To help, we’ve curated a selection of the best bedding buys for the season, with styles to suit all tastes. We’ve tried most of them too, so you can sleep well knowing you've made the right choice (of bedding). And if you're needing extra comfort, as well as style, one of the best duvets will have you covered. 

The Ideal Home edit of the best duvet covers

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How do I choose a duvet cover?

Aside picking from prints, patterns and colours that go with your bedroom aesthetic, choosing a duvet cover can be dictated by a few other factors. These include considering material, price and how easy they are to wash. 

Material: Do you want a breezy, lightweight fabric like linen? Do you like its relaxed look? Or would you rather something a little more weighty, such as bamboo or brushed cotton? Are you interested in silk? Each fabric has it's features that make it great, so consider what type of sleeper you are, what season you're in and how you like your bed to look.  

Price: What's your budget? If you're hoping to select a bedding set for under £50, there are great quality options to choose from. There are also premium picks at premium prices, if you can and are willing to spend. Generally, the more expensive the bedding the longer it'll last, but that's not to say you can't find some great deals in sales. 

Care: Consider how easy your bedding is to wash. The fortnightly change of the sheets is a task in itself, so having to wash them shouldn't be an ordeal either. Most sheets can be machine washed and tumble dried, but it's worth checking the care instructions before you do. 

What is the most breathable fabric for duvet covers?

In it's simplest term, cotton is one of the most breathable, which we'd recommend for duvet covers you want to use all year round. This is because cotton has great temperature regulating qualities that make it warm in winter and airy in summer. But bare in mind, cotton can come in variations of weaves and finishes, making it either cool to the touch, or soft on the skin. Cotton percale, for example, has a tight, plain weave that gives leave a crisp finish. This makes it suitable for summer, rather than winter. On the other hand, brushed and washed cotton covers have been pre-washed for extra softness. This snug finish fits it perfect for cold night when you need a cosy cover.

How we chose and tested these duvet covers 

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Because these bedding sets are just so beautiful, we had to get our hands on them ourselves to see (and feel) how nice they'd be on our beds. After choosing some of the best-selling sets from our favourite brands and bedding retailers, a few members of the Ideal Home team tried some of them out. We've dressed our beds, slept in them for at least a few nights and washed them, before getting under the covers again. Want to know more? Read our how we test guide for more information on our review process. 

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