Are you ironing your duvet all wrong? Lynsey Queen of Clean reveals how to get the best results

When Phillip Schofield confessed to finding ironing duvet covers 'a real pig', the cleaning expert stepped in to help...

How to iron a duvet cover and not get yourself in a crumpled mess? It's the household chore that divides the nation. You're either a fan of ironing bedding from duvets right down to fitted sheets, or you're baffled by the notion.

Earlier on This Morning, Phillip Schofield confessed that he irons his duvet cover. But he doesn't do so with ease, saying ‘do you know what you discover? What is a pig to iron – duvet covers!’ he exclaimed.

Asking if he was oversharing, he confessed to putting his crumpled duvet back in for a rinse cycle, after the initial wash – to aid with the ironing process.

On hearing Phillip's struggles, This Morning’s own Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie phoned in to offer him – and the viewers – her top tips to make ironing duvet covers a little easier.

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How to iron a duvet cover, according to Lynsey Queen of Clean

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Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie shares her pearls of wisdom for the quickest, most efficient way to iron duvet covers.

1. Use tumble dryer balls

These are really good says Lynsey because ‘these will help to separate the rest of the washing that’s in the tumble dryer.’ This helps to minimise the creases to the bedding. Her top tip, if you can’t get a tumble dryer ball use a brand new tennis ball instead – apparently it does the same job.

2. Throw in a tea towel

Again if using the tumble dryer, Lynsey suggested dampening a tea towel and loading that into the spin with your duvet covers. Why you ask? ‘This really helps to decrease your sheets as you’re drying them’. But for best results always best to dry on the line, whenever possible she suggests.

3. Fasten the buttons

‘If you have buttons (like the duvet she’s demonstrating on) do a few of them up because that always help to keep –the duvet – in shape.' Seems simple but actually, I bet most don’t think of this nifty trick.

4. Fold before you begin

Lynsey suggests it’s far easier to iron if you fold the duvet before your start ironing. She says the trick in the folding is ‘keep pulling it’ from corner to corner to ensure there’s less slack. The aim is to get the bedding folded into a ‘nice square’, ready to iron.

5. Up the temperature

‘Put it on the hottest setting you can’ she suggests. Before going on to add the steamier the better, to ensure all creases are removed. So heat and steam are the bet way to ensure smooth sheets and duvet covers.

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Phillip's confession lead to This Morning asking viewers 'Do you iron your duvet covers?'

62 per cent said NO, while 38 percent said YES.

I personally love nothing more than freshly ironed sheets, so I'm with Phil on this one. It makes all the difference to making a bed worthy of  hotel standards!

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