Be inspired by the best wardrobe organisation ideas from Instagram

Lockdown is the ideal time to tackle some tiding tasks

At the moment, it’s more than likely that you have a lot of time on your hands. So why not make the effort to get stuck into some decluttering?

Our wardrobes are one of the biggest culprits. Due to the fact they are used every day (sometimes multiple times a day), it’s easy for our clothes, shoes and accessories to get a little chaotic.

So, we’re turned to Instagram for some organisation inspiration. The platform has a whole host of accounts which have shared their sorting techniques and storage solutions.

With hours to kill, now is the perfect time to show your wardrobe a little TLC.

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Instagram ideas for organising wardrobes

1. Colour coding clothes

Interior decorator @mylittleessexhouse shows how to make the most of a smaller wardrobe space, by colour-coordinating clothes on hangers, going from white to dark with colours in the middle.

This aesthetically pleasing look is also incredibly practical when it comes to finding certain pieces. What's more, she’s coordinated her bags to match, which makes accessorising super easy.

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2. Sorting lights from darks

Those blessed with a little more space, or a walk in wardrobe, can try this technique showcased by @sabina.ryden. Her method involves using different compartments to separate whites, light shades and darker colours.

3. Fold sweaters for preservation

Sweaters and jumpers can stretch when they are hung up in a wardrobe, so folding can be a great alternative — not to mention perfectly-folded piles look incredibly satisfying, too. Interior designer Vanessa Towers shows how to match your folded items with your colour-coordinated wardrobe, simply by pairing similar shades together.

Anyone with a little more cupboard space can take this technique even further, as shown by Toronto-based Instagram organiser Jordana. She spreads her colour-coordinated jumpers across three shelves. In her post she says, ‘No fancy tricks or products here! Just some simple colour coordination and folding skills to improve the functionality and aesthetics of this closet.’

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4. Neatly separate socks

Of course, clothes are not the only thing which can be sorted efficiently. It’s important not to neglect other items, such as socks and shoes. Instagram account @boomtidy shows how to organise a sock draw with some separating units — so you’ll never waste time hunting for two of the same kind again!

5. Store shoes in boxes

Wardrobe organising specialists @knokdetox demonstrate how they store shoes in box cubes — for a perfectly-presented look, which is also incredibly accessible. It's also a great way to ensure that shoes don't get damaged in pile ups.

6. Display accessories

And let’s not forget about accessories. After all, untangling necklaces and bracelets can be an infuriating task. Personal Shopper Patrizia Styling shows how she sorts her sunglasses, jewellery and watches, with internal drawer units.

For more storage inspiration, simply search #wardrobeorganisation, or other related hashtags on social media — you won't be disappointed!