Check in to the snugglefest: 40 rabbits, 4 soft pillows and plenty of added fluffiness – new Ibis commercial is officially the cutest ad of 2013!

What do you think your pets would do if they were let loose in a hotel room? This gorgeous posse of 40 fluffy rabbits, filmed for the new Ibis hotel ad, prove all they want to do is sleep

Aww, we just love our pets don't we? It's common knowlege that in the UK we're a nation of animal lovers and here at Housetohome HQ, it's no different (I am a self-confessed crazy cat woman).

So imagine our joy when we heard that the ultra-fluffy and outrageously-cute 'Snuggingly Bunnies' ad from Ibis has been voted ‘this year's most shamelessly adorable’ commercial by marketing magazine Ad Week.

white rabbit looking into mirror

(Image credit: Ibis)

For those of you who haven't seen the ad, it features 40 dazzlingly cute bunnies hopping around a hotel room. The furry posse twitch their noses, yawn, stretch and generally flop about being totally adorable.


Eventually the fluffy friends snuggle up on the bed, deciding that it's definitely the most comforable spot in the room.

grey and white rabbits on white bed

(Image credit: Ibis)

The concept of the ad is to highlight Ibis's new Sweets Beds - which feature hi-tech mattresses, luxury mattress toppers and an engineered
box spring base.

And it's not just the panel at Ad Week that think it's one of the cutest
commercials ever made. The video has been steadily climbing the YouTube ranks- with over 863,000 hits already.

white rabbit seating on bed

(Image credit: Ibis)

To cash in on the ad's popularity, the creative team at BETC london, who devised the concept for the commercial, also filmed their very own behind-the-scenes video.

It shows a huge team of camermen and support staff, a doting vet, 521 carrots and 40 rabbits - all piled into an Ibis hotel room near Blackfriars in London.

grey rabbit laying on bed

(Image credit: Ibis)

Neil Dawson, Executive Creative Director at BETC London, says: ‘We really wanted to highlight the ultimate
comfort of the Sweet Bed by Ibis.

snuggle up to each other and find cosy places to sleep. And what better
evidence of the ultimate comfort of the bed than for the bunnies to
seek out and sleep there on their own?’

white rabbit seating on bed

(Image credit: TBC)

Tim Nudd from Ad Week says: ‘Cats get
most of the Internet love, but bunnies can put on quite a show of
devastating cuteness as well, as displayed in this new spot from BETC
London for Ibis Hotels.’

So head on over to YouTube and check out the video yourself. We guarantee it'll be one of the cutest vids you'll watch this year.

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