Grow your own with innovative new IKEA indoor garden accessories

From tabletop grow kits to hanging planters, this new range has all you need to create an indoor kitchen garden
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  • The grow your own trend has been one of the most significant so far, in the world of gardening 2019. We’re all fans, but what if you don’t have a vegetable plot or a greenhouse? That’s where the latest IKEA indoor garden accessories are just the thing to stay ahead of the curve.

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    Making the smallest of changes around the home can have a huge impact on the environment, especially when it comes to food waste and becoming more self-sufficient. As always, IKEA are leading the way on how we can produce our own food produce – no matter the space or budget.

    These latest kitchen accessories are ideal to set up an indoor garden at home, to live off the land so to speak. Even if that ‘land’ is a kitchen worktop, IKEA  prove that you don’t need to have a garden plot to produce your own delicious produce.

    IKEA’s new range of sustainably sourced, renewable products are a great place to start us on the path to leading a more sustainable lifestyle…

    New indoor garden buys from IKEA

    indoor garden

    ‘Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at IKEA,’ explains Hege Sæbjørnsen, IKEA UK Country Sustainability Manager. ‘Our ambition is to inspire and enable more people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet. A few simple tweaks and changes is all it takes to create an inviting, renewable, eco-friendly living space.’

    ‘Limiting food waste, going plastic free and growing your own plants are just a few ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable.’

    Buy now: Krydda Grow Kit, £64.50, IKEA

    Grow your own kits for kitchens

    indoor garden kitchen

    The easy-to-use indoor garden solutions are not just for gardening pros. They have been designed to ensure we can all get to grips with growing our own, whatever our gardening credentials.

    ‘Whether you were born with a green thumb or not, it’s easy to grow your own plants at home with our Krydda/Vaxer ranges,’ says Hege.

    ‘With special cultivation lights, fertiliser, pumice stones and built-in shelving that allows for airflow – the kit guarantees the perfect amount of water, light and shelter is given to your plants. They are the perfect growing solution for smaller, urban homes that lack natural light.’

    Buy now: Vaxer Grow Kit, £49.50, IKEA

    indoor garden kit

    What else is new? IKEA launches pollution reducing curtains – and you won’t believe how they work!

    indoor garden

    Bringing the outside in has never been more fashionable. These simple, stylish hanging planters prove just why. You can grow your own herb garden indoors for your culinary creations, while adding a touch of decorative greenery – win, win.

    The accessories help to ensure we know the produce is totally organic. Further more helping cut costs and transmissions from transporting the goods. As well as giving us a sense of home-grown pride.

    Buy now: Bittergurka Hanging Planters, £8 each, IKEA

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    Growing our own sustainable food produce has never been easier or more affordable.

    IKEA really are making the everyday wonderful, and for that we thank them.

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