IKEA produces amazing flat pack refugee shelters for UN

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  • IKEA is now offering more than affordable home furnishings - an entire house for refugees in desperate need

    IKEA is teaming up with officials for the second time to bring safe shelter to refugees in need.

    Back in March, the UN’s Refugee Agency teamed up with IKEA to produce 10,000 flat-packed shelters to replace towns of tents around the globe. The make shift shelters are able to house six people and offer the warmth and protection that families are otherwise missing.

    Now it seems Switzerland has taken a leaf out of the UNRA’s book and is similarly purchasing IKEA’s flat-packed homes to help the recent European refugee crisis that has hit the northern Swiss canton, Aargau.

    Purchasing 60 units, the Swiss government will set up home for 300 refugees by 2016 with the intention to dissemble them two years later in 2018.

    At present 3,500 are sheltered across Switzerland, however there are ambitions to set up home for 50,000 people eventually. If the scheme works, IKEA could be in for a large order.

    The shelters are basic huts and can be constructed in just four hours with no tools and cost approximately £1,200.

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