Ikea's latest launch promises a better night's sleep

Is the solution to sharing a bed not sharing a duvet?

Almost two-thirds – that's 61 per cent – of people in the UK are feeling fatigued from routinely sleeping badly, with UK adults missing out on at least an hour every night, on average, says Ikea. Those sharing a bed seem worst off, with 50 per cent losing out due to the battle of the bedding!

We've all been there. You wake up freezing and confused, only to turn and see your partner hogging the duvet, sleeping soundly! There's also the problem that while one of you is always hot, the other is cold– not much can fix that, or can it?!

Tackling both problems head on, Ikea has created the TOG-ether bundle, where couples can purchase two single duvets for less than the price of a double – £40 rather £50. The single duvets can cater to personally preferred TOG ratings, solving the different body temperature issue too.

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The TOG-ether bundle has been inspired by the Swedish sleep tradition, where two single duvets replace the traditional double. Each individual is then able to choose preferred weight and warmth, be as tucked in as they wish and not be prey to having the duvet stolen.

The bedding bundle comes as a result of research carried out by Ikea, where Brits revealed a bad night's sleep was down to being uncomfortable (55 per cent), too hot or too cold (39 per cent) and snoring* (21 per cent).

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To purchase the TOG-ether bundle, visit your nearest Ikea store between 27th – 28th January.

Available in different tog ratings, from 7.5-12TOG, the Ikea Rodtoppa range is made of sustainable, quality material. Each duvet 'breathes' well throughout the night, keeping you dry and comfy thanks to the combination of moisture-absorbing lyocell and soft, fluffy polyester in the filling.

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'Many of us find that not getting a good night’s sleep is becoming a regular occurrence,' explains Carol McSeveny, Textiles Leader, IKEA UK & Ireland. 'This is why we have introduced this traditional Swedish sleep trend of using two single duvets instead of a double, in UK stores for a short period. it will allow couples to select a duvet from the bundle that suits them.'

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So will you be adapting this latest trend to sleep soundly like the Swedes?


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