John Lewis can help you find a trusted tradesperson

Its Home Solutions service will even take responsibility for the quality of the work!

We all want to steer clear of the cowboys when we're getting work done on our homes. But it's not necessarily that easy, is it folks?

Even going off the recommendation of a friend, or picking a company with a seemingly professional website and reviews, isn't the guarantee of a job well done. Which is why the 'Never Knowingly Undersold' department store has launched a much-needed new service to help.

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John Lewis Home Solutions is a new way of finding and booking tradespeople to jobs around – and outside – the home. To hire any trade from painters to plumbers, gardeners to electricians, all you need to do is visit John Lewis Home Solutions online. Alternatively, you can download the 'Home Solutions from John Lewis' app, for Android and iOS.

As you'd expect, John Lewis has created a rigorous selection process to find those trusted tradespeople. 'Each one has vetted and approved by a specialist John Lewis Partner,' says Richard Ambler, head of John Lewis Home Solutions.

'This involves an intensive five-stage recruitment process, which includes the viewing of past work to ensure only the best tradespeople are recommended.'

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Sadly, the service is currently only available in a very select part of the country – London and Berkshire. We're told this is because demand in these areas is particularly high. But the plan is to roll out Home Solutions across the UK, should all go well. Fingers crossed then...

'We are making it even easier for customers to get the best possible service for these jobs,' adds Richard. 'We understand how time-consuming and stressful it can be. With more people than ever looking for ‘Home Solutions,’ we’re proud to offer just that alongside the exceptional service expected of John Lewis.'


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Although the John Lewis name will go a long way to reassuring people, the retail giant hasn't stopped there. In order to ensure the same standards of service it offers in stores, any work completed by John Lewis Home Solutions will come with a 12-month guarantee.

You can't say fairer than that. We'll certainly be trying it out when it's available in our neck of the woods!

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