Is your living room stuck in 2014? John Lewis reveals what was popular five years ago

Three-piece suite? Chunky oak? Your home might be living in the past...
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  • We all like to think that we live in the now. But your living room might be stuck in 2014, according to John Lewis. The retail giant has surveyed over 3,000 people to find out how they style their living rooms now. And they’ve also identified what has stayed firmly five years in the past.

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    Among the list of elements that would never be seen in a stylish 2019 living room included curtain tie-backs, overt DVD storage and chests as coffee tables. I definitely bought into that last one!

    The living rooms of 2014


    Image credit: David Mereweather

    Other signs your living room might be stuck five years in the past include floating shelves, chenille sofas and the over-represented vases of twisted willow. Who else remembers wrapping these in fairy lights or baubles to create a ‘focal point’!?!

    Other trends popular in 2014 include minimalism, or a very matchy-matchy look, with coordinating wooden furniture, table lamps  and three-piece suites.


    Image credit: Mark Scott

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    So why the change? According to Philippa Prinsloo, John Lewis’s Parter & Head of Design, Home, has her theories. ‘Our living rooms are being impacted and influenced by the affordability of housing, changes in technology and alterations in the make up of households.’

    ‘House sharing and renting have become new lifetime norms for many. Living rooms are often open plan and more of us are working from home. As a result we’re wanting more from our living rooms than ever before.’

    So essentially, with everyone bringing their own furniture to the party, and with living rooms now also serving as the hub of entertaining, a home office and possibly even a place to exercise, as well as a room for relaxing, it’s impossible to realise that prim, coordinated look.

    The living room of 2019


    Image credit: John Lewis

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    While some of us may be guilty of harbouring some 2014 vibes, it’s easy to bring living rooms into 2019. Trust me and my chest coffee table, recently donated to my local British Red Cross Home store. By simply embracing our individual styles, we can create a space everyone can enjoy.

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    As Philippa explains, ‘Personalisation has become a key element of our homes. This sense of making a space individual isn’t just about luxury, as family spaces become bolder with a new-found energy and vibrancy. There’s an increase in demand for the very opposite in style, as we incorporate wellbeing and mindfulness into our day-to-day lives.’

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