4 signs it’s time to buy a new sofa – and the best sofas in the sales

Make the most of the January discounts while you can

We could live without tables, bookcases, desks… but the sofa? No chance. it’s basically THE most important piece of furniture in our homes and sits in the centre of family life. It’s our cinema, our dining room, our cuddling spot, crèche and bed (when finally defeated by those late-night box sets).

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So how do you know when you need a new one? Well there are plenty of tell-tale signs, maybe a few of which you’ve been ignoring. A sofa is a big investment, but a tatty one can really let down the rest of your decor. That’s why it’s important to keep these in mind.

1. You’re getting that sinking feeling


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If you get the sensation that you’re being swallowed up by your settee, it’s an indication that your upholstery is no longer supporting you and needs replacing.

All-fibre fillings are susceptible to flattening out over time, and while feather cushions are comfier, without

2. Your sofa has started creaking

This is a sign that the framework is breaking down. Some manufacturers will guarantee their frames for a lifetime. But if you’ve gone for a budget option with a chipboard/LDF or metal construction, it will likely deteriorate over time.

3. You’ve had your sofa for YEARS

Green-living-room-ideas Very

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

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According to Terry’s Fabrics, the average lifespan of a fabric sofa is 15 years, dropping to seven if you lounge on it every day. A leather sofa should last a bit longer – 20 years if you’re lucky, or 15 with very regular use. If you suspect your sofa is older, it’s probably living on borrowed time.

4. It’s faded and stained

Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a reason to buy a new sofa. If it’s got a quality frame, you may be better off paying for it to be reupholstered. If that’s not the case, replace it with a new sofa, making sure your old one is recycled. Visit your local council’s website to find out how.

Sofa sales – bargains from DFS, John Lewis and more


Leather is very much back, people. And one of its most fashionable forms is a soft mid tan with a natural patina, just like this. If you think this design looks comfortable, just wait until you sit in it. Now where did we put the remote?

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We’ve been looking for the perfect pink sofa for a while and think we may have found it in this Lounge Co beauty. It’s available with a standard or this more decadent pillow back.

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Now half price, this chic sofa has a forgiving, family-friendly dark grey finish. And at 181cm at its widest point, you should be able to manoeuvre it into a room where access or space is tight.

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If those aren’t three good reasons to switch your sofa, we don’t know what are!

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