Buyers are clamouring for this bedroom item from John Lewis – and this is what's so special about it

We're increasingly willing to pay the price for a a perfect night's sleep

National Bed Month is well and truly under way. And for those keen to create a bedroom ambience that ticks the boxes for soothing, stylish and sleep-ready the latest news from John Lewis is sure to prove interesting reading.

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The leading homeware, furniture and fashion retailer has revealed that sales of its super king size mattresses have climbed by just over a third (34 per cent) when compared to the same period last year.

bedroom with pale blue walls and john lewis super king size mattress

(Image credit: Future PLC/John Lewis)

With comfort a key element to getting those all-important 40 winks, a roomier mattress gives homeowners the chance to stretch out into their favourite sleep positions and provides enough room for couples to have their own dedicated sleeping space.

Other bedroom items from John Lewis that have seen a spike in sales include light cotton comfort duvets – which have jumped up by 110 per cent when compared to last year. With spring and warmer temperatures just around the corner – well, fingers crossed – it's no wonder that this cooling bedding option has proved a hit with savvy sleepers.

bedroom with john lewis' marvellous mattresses and delightful duvets

(Image credit: Future PLC/John Lewis)

Further figures from John Lewis show that the sleep spending spree doesn't end there. Not content with marvellous mattresses and delightful duvets, shoppers are also putting increasing faith in sleep tracking gadgets such as smart watches, with sales of these increasing by 120 per cent in comparison to last year.

Commenting on the above figures, Katherine Mitchell, John Lewis sleep expert, said: 'Our shoppers are beginning to invest more in their sleep and rightly so, because so many of us aren’t getting enough.

'We all have such busy day-to-day lives and it can be hard to shut off at the end of the day, but with a few key investments and habitual changes you can really make a big difference. Small changes like fresh bedding, pillows to suit and changing your bedding along with the seasons can all help, as can finding and investing in the right mattress or getting a helping hand with the latest tech.'

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Which items of bedroom furniture have you invested in, in order to get a good night's sleep?