Katie Piper's reveals her simple home office tip to keep motivated when working from home

You could be missing a trick in your WFH set up

When we spoke to Katie Piper on ways to ensure our homes are supporting our mental health, she shared one simple tip. The writer and TV host loves having affirmations around her home - and recommends putting quotes in our home offices to keep us motivated.

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Anyone who follows Katie on Instagram will be familiar with her love of positive affirmations. The former Strictly star even has a book of affirmations, A Little Bit of Faith: Hopeful affirmations for every day of the year coming out this year.

Katie Piper's home office tip

katie piper in home office room

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'I'm really into my affirmations, and as a result, I'm quite a visual person,' she tells us. 'So when I first discovered the Cricut machine I was like, "Great, I'm gonna start printing my affirmations! And there's nothing that's gonna stop me from making them into labels, cards, and keepsakes."'

The Cricut machine is a crafting and label-making tool that helps you make create bespoke decorations for your home.

purple printed paper and coloured labels

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'Now I've got quite good at it I've started to make lovely ones from card, that I can actually frame and put behind glass,' she says. 'I used to just put them in my office because it was about motivating me when I'm working from home.'

We like the idea of picking a quote that means something to you and having it on display in your home office. Whether you use a Cricut machine, write it out by hand or get a customized print from Etsy, choose a background and frame that you love.

It also makes for a great hallway idea, giving you a positive boost as you head out the door.

room with blue wall and cricut machine

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'I've started to put stuff in the downstairs loo and the hallway where people come in and out, just to remind people - we've got this, you're a strong person. And it just really helps with these reminders of self-esteem and self-worth,' Katie adds.

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Displaying our favourite quotes is a simple trick to help us to feel positive. That said, it's one we can easily overlook, just like buying flowers or burning our best candle for ourselves - not just for guests. It also helps us to stay focused on a goal. For the best photo frames to display your quote in, read our guide.

If you don't want to display it on the walls, you could simply them in a notebook or on your laptop or phone screen saver.

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