Rochelle Humes’ office desk is perfect for a small home office – experts say it ‘creates a light and airy space’

Rochelle Humes’ modern desk champions a major furniture trend

Rochelle Humes
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It’s no secret that Rochelle Humes has impeccable taste, whether it comes to her personal style or her home and office decor. Her office space and set-up are certainly enviable and we’re taking notes. The biggest takeaway? Rochelle’s clear office desk it is both super chic and modern at the same time.

This piece of furniture is the perfect example of the transparent furniture trend and how hard it can work for a space. And despite Rochelle’s own office being quite spacious as seen in her Instagram snap, this is actually the perfect small home office idea, as a desk like this plays a visual trick on the eye and creates an illusion of more space.

According to interior experts, it’s the perfect addition to any contemporary space for a pared-back, quiet luxury aesthetic. So if that’s your jam (as it is the TV presenter’s), then this type of design might be the ideal addition to your own home office set-up.

A small home office with a clear glass desk and a large window with a view

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Rochelle Humes’ clear office desk

This is not the first time we’ve been inspired by one of The Saturdays group members as we’ve swooned over Frankie Bridge’s reeded glass bathroom door and more before. 

Rochelle’s desk, making a case for the transparent home decor trend, is made from a single sheet of tempered glass that’s curved to create its own support and ‘legs’. But this look can also be made from acrylic or other types of see-through plastics, especially if it is used for a smaller structure like a coffee table, which are currently very popular in this style. 

Or if you’re like Molly-Mae Hague, who started the conversation around this trend last year, you can opt for a clear acrylic baby cot instead. Though that is definitely on the out-there side of the trend.

‘Transparent and translucent products help to create a light and airy space for a simple contemporary look oozing understated elegance,’ says Sabina Miller, buying director at Heal’s. ‘They create the illusion of space and light, making it ideal for smaller living spaces. Its versatility allows it to blend seamlessly with various interior styles.’

Habitat Gala Tempered Glass Console Table

(Image credit: Habitat)

But you don’t have to have a completely clinical, minimalist home to be able to incorporate this style into your space.

‘Although pieces tend to be quite contemporary, because of their transparency they don’t take up much visual space,’ says Lucy Mather, design expert from Arighi Bianchi. ‘This means that they will blend seamlessly within any design scheme. Even in a more traditional home you can add a modern twist with one of these pieces without it jarring with the rest of your scheme.’

Get the look:

So if you like this type of table, be it in the form of a desk a la Rochelle Humes, a console table or a coffee table, the bottom line is you can go for it whether you have a minimalist, contemporary home or not. It will work either way.

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