Make laundry a breeze this winter with Lakeland’s new drying pod

Set radiators free from the perils of unsightly draped laundry with this clever new drying gadget

Drying clothes during the winter can be a real struggle. Especially if, like me, you have no tumble dryer to make the drying process quicker – and want to avoid clothes draped around the living room. The new Lakeland Drying Pod, from the Dry:Soon range, could be the answer to all our laundry dreams.

The new dry pod model aims to dry clothes quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Costing just 15p an hour to run, it works by blowing hot air through clothes hanging inside. The hot air dries them gently but oh-so quickly and efficiently – without stealing all the heat from your radiators.

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room with lakeland drying pod and white door

(Image credit: Lakeland drying pod)

Lakeland sold a similar version of this clothes drying pod a few years ago. Lisa, home buyer and in-house laundry expert at Lakeland is delighted to bring back this updated version for 2019 – developed to do the job faster, quieter and more efficiently than before.

The pod dries clothes quicker than most conventional electric airers. It's also a far gentler drying process for fabrics than the rough and tumble of a tumble dryer. The new pod has a built-in fan in the base that heats air up to 70°C and fills the enclosed pod to dries your clothes in next-to-no time.

Lakeland drying pod with hanger and clothes

(Image credit: Lakeland drying pod)

Ideal for shirts, blouses, linen clothes and delicate fabrics, but comfortably able to dry thicker fabrics like jumpers and denim too.

When the Lakeland team put the pod through its paces they found lightweight fabrics dry in less than an hour. Heavier items such as jeans took around 2 hours – still less than the time taken draped over a radiator.

Buy now: Dry:Soon Drying Pod, £59.99, Lakeland - or find a deal using Lakeland discount codes 

room with hanger on clothes

(Image credit: Lakeland drying pod)

Made from a lightweight yet robust aluminium the pod is easy to move around the home. The 1000W airer measures 148cm in height. With small space living in mind the smart design folds down for easy storage, ready to be pressed into action throughout the colder months.

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Let the new drying pod be the only thing full of hot air in your home this winter!


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