Let your yen to trend extend to your staycation and holiday in a house that is the ultimate fashion accessory

From pineapple prints to coastal chic to stripes, there is no escaping the summer 2014 fashion and interiors trends. And for those whose need to be trendy becomes an obsession, there are even a few holiday stays that are built to satisfy…

The love of holidaying in the UK has not subsided, with Brits still keen to explore and discover their own country. But there are only so many quaint B&Bs and country cottages that will sustain the excitement or replace the interest in foreign climes. Enter the 'unusual holiday property' and, in particular, three with a heavy slant on the hottest trends in 2014.

The Pineapple House, Dunmore
Who would have thought the tropical fruit with the spiked crown would have been the darling of the fashion catwalk and interiors motif of the year, coming into your home on everything from candles to picture frames in 2014. And if you love it, why stop there?

pineapple house with green lawn and tree

(Image credit: TBC)

If you fancy taking a bigger bite of the trend, try booking a stay at The Pineapple in Dunmore, Scotland. The 18th-century whimsical triumph of masonry sleeps four, has a private garden and will set the backdrop to the most magical holiday snaps you have ever produced.


The Lighthouse, Lundy

Coastal chic is all the rage, with palettes of nautical blues, shells and sealife imagery dominating homeware ranges from high end to high street. If you are keen to get wind-swept and weatherworn yourself, book in to breathe some real sea air with a stay in a lighthouse.

sea side lighthouse with sunset

(Image credit: TBC)

Look to the Old Light Tower property in Lundy, in the Bristol Channel,
as the spot for the perfect and truly authentic seaside experience.
Start cultivating your greying beard and grizzly lighthouse-keeper's
demeanour now.

The House of Corrections, Folkingham
And finally, if your penchant for stripes has you mistaken for a French cliché on a daily basis, pack up your baguette and head for the House of Correction in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, where the uniform of its heyday would have been striped from head to toe.

house exterior with green lawn black gate brick wall

(Image credit: TBC)

While it is only the grand entrance to the former correction house for minor offenders - aka the 'idle and disorderly' - that still stands, the property behind sleeps four and boasts an attic room. Slip on the stripes and make yourself at home...

All of the properties featured, plus hundreds more, are available to hire through The Landmark Trust.

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