Macramé your own deckchair or plant hangers with these cool new kits!

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  • It's 'knot' your typical outdoor furniture!

    Lots of great things came out of the Seventies. Ziggy Stardust is one. Space Hoppers another. But our current favourite? Macramé. This art of knot tying is actually centuries old, but it reached its peak in the 1970s, when you couldn’t move for string bags, hammocks and even waistcoats.

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    Now the knot is hot once more, with macramé plant pots and wall-hangings all over Instagram. There are plenty of ready-made options for your home, but if you fancy having a go yourself, Wool Couture Company has just launched these fabulous macramé kits.


    Star of the show is undoubtedly the deckchair kit. A new take on the seaside favourite, the kit comes in 10 colours, including neutral cream or grey, pastel pinks and blues, and a bolder olive green or sunny yellow.

    Included in the box are eight x 30 metres of 5mm macramé rope, three chunky wooden buttons to keep a cushion in place and a guide and pattern to follow.

    You will need your own deckchair frame to cover, but maybe you’ve got an old one in the shed that needs some love? Or you can easily pick one up secondhand.

    Buy now: Macramé DIY deckchair kit, £59.99, Wool Couture Company
    The design combines larks-head knots and square knots, and we’re assured that ‘it’s easy and fun to make’. In fact, we’re told ‘even a macramé newbie will get the hang of it super quick’.
    Even so, if you’re looking to start smaller, there are more kits worth trying, like this pretty plant holder. It’s one of several string hangers for pot plants, starting from £28.
    Planning a chic garden, en-vogue balcony or swanky indoor makeover this summer? Then we suggest you grab one or more of these macramé kits and get knotting, pronto!

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