Make your own Christmas pineapple – the speedy gift that beats all others!

For when you need a quick gift idea with WOW factor

What could be better than a Christmas pineapple gift that comprises both chocolate and alcohol? A decorative pineapple that reveals delicious treats and bubbles – now that's a gift worth giving!

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Best of all, this fabulous festive pineapple could not be easier to make – I can confidently say that because this beaut was created by my own fair hands.

Make your own Christmas pineapple

Step 1 – Cover bottle base in tape

cover bottle base with tape

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Take a bottle of bubbles, or wine – it's entirely up to you, as the finished shape will still be the same. Cover the outside with a layer of double sided-tape. Take the tape roughly two thirds of the way up the bottle. Due to the curves the tape will pucker and overlap, but that's fine – it will stick all the same.

Step 2 – Remove the backing from the tape

remove backing tape

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Carefully peel off the backing on the double-sided tape. Be careful in places where it may have over-lapped.

Step 3 – Stick on your chocolates

chocolates with bottle

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Grab a box of delicious treats to stick to the tape. Ferrero Rocher work particularly well because only the outer packing sticks, meaning you can simply pluck the chocolates free one by one. Simply work around the bottle base securing the chocolates in place. Do this until covered. Note: Once the tape is exposed take care not to let it stick to anything else!

chocolate with bottle

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Step 4 – Add decorative leaves

chocolate with bottle and leaves

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Any good florist will have tropical leaves that look worthy of decorating a pineapple. Warning: you will get odd looks when you ask for just them, the same that I did! Using the stickiness of the tape to hold them in place, arrange the leaves around the neck of the bottle.

Step 5 – Wrap it up

wrap with chocolate and bottle

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Just like a fruit basket, wrap your fruity themed gift in clear cellophane and tie with a bow. When you're at the florist you can pick up a length of cellophane. Alternatively most supermarkets sell it for wrapping hampers.

And just like that – in a matter of minutes your bottle of Prosecco is a tasty presentable Christmas pineapple...

chocolate wrap

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