The Marks and Spencer floral pumpkin that’s dividing opinion this Halloween

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  • It's safer and less messy that the real thing, at least

    Put the knife down and pack those plasters away! Creating a Halloween centrepiece just got a whole lot easier – and less dangerous – thanks to M&S.

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    Yes, there’s no need to spend hours intricately carving a jovial jack-o’-lantern that you’re never going to be truly happy with. Because instead, you can buy Peter, the limited-edition Marks and Spencer floral pumpkin, and leave all your fingers intact!

    Marks and Spencer floral pumpkin


    With his wide smile and inanimate black eyes, we think Peter strikes just the right balance between spooky Halloween menace and classy floral display. Available for delivery from 23rd Oct 2018, Peter Pumpkin is made up of approximately 12 orange spray chrysanthemum. There’s also a eryngium, to represent the pumpkin stump, perched at the top.

    Order online: Peter Pumpkin Flower Arrangement, £30, Marks & Spencer

    ‘Nothing says ‘Happy Halloween’ like Peter Pumpkin greeting guests over the spooky season!’ says the M&S website. ‘Made of fresh flowers, Peter the friendly pumpkin is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.’

    Not everyone is a fan, however. Here in at Ideal Home HQ, it’s caused great debate! For example, will that £30 price tag – ahem – ‘scare’ people off? And isn’t pumpkin carving with the kids one of the best things about Halloween? What do you think?

    Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer isn’t the only store offering frightening florals this Halloween. Waitrose, for example, is hoping to scare us silly with its glow-in-the-dark roses…

    Waitrose glow-in-the-dark roses


    The ‘boo’-tiful bouquet is made up of 10 Avalanche roses that have been sprayed with a special chemical, which, after being exposed to the light, will make the flowers glow green when it gets dark. They’ve also been arranged with black-dyed green bell foliage to really up the spooky factor.

    You can order your bouquet now for arrival from 24th October.

    Order online: Halloween Glow in the Dark Roses, £35, Waitrose Flowers

    We’ll assume that they arrive ‘spectre’ delivery…

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