Sisters are DIY-ing it for themselves: more women are feeling empowered to carry out heavy-duty tasks around the house

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  • Women are increasingly taking over DIY tasks around the house, and teaching their daughter's too, according to a new survey

    Girl power is back, and no, we don’t mean The Spice Girls. Power tools at the ready ladies…

    What was once a predominantly male-focused sector is slowly shifting sides, as women feel more capable and empowered than ever before to carry out DIY tasks themselves.

    According to a survey carried out by home improvement giants Bosch DIY, a staggering 88% of women would teach their daughter DIY
    to ensure she feels empowered and independent, supporting the claim
    that we really do take pride in what we’re doing when it comes to DIY.

    The survey showed that one third (31%) of 18 to 24-year-olds feel DIY has never belonged in the man’s domain in their house and they would confidently carry out a DIY task themselves.


    Londoners, in particular, feel it’s more acceptable for women in 2013 to carry out DIY tasks than those from years before.

    This new generation of women is also being influenced by home
    improvement shows – they are tired of waiting for their spouses to, dare we say it, get
    off the sofa.

    ‘Our research demonstrates that perceptions around who does the DIY in the home are drastically changing, with a clear shift in gender and age,’ says Brand Manager for Bosch DIY, Katharina Greuel.

    ‘Findings show that more than one third (34%) of women would now learn a DIY task from scratch or would successfully complete it themselves.’

    With nearly three quarters of British women preferring to undertake DIY projects themselves rather than call out a handyman, the survey reveals DIY is no longer strictly in the men’s domain.

    Women are just as capable and willing to tackle the tasks stereotypically associated with the male of the household.

    However, finances are also a huge part of this shift. Getting someone in to do relatively minor jobs can be an expensive business.

    Rather than spend their last £50 on a handyman, 75% of women would prefer to spend it on a treat for themselves. And, who can blame them?

    Whether it is just because women have been itching to flex their creative hand, or they are being forced into it for economical reasons, the truth is that women are now getting their hands well and truly dirty.

    Now, has anyone seen my screwdriver?

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