These are the nation's most highly-coveted period features, according to Instagram

How many do you have?

Period features bring so much character to a home, and as a result, they're often high on our dream list when househunting. Beautiful Victorian hallway tiles, a stained glass front door or a ceiling rose all anchor us in history as a tangible connection to times gone by.

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Property experts at Hometree (opens in new tab) have counted up Instagram hashtags to create a list of the most popular period features in the UK.

Surprisingly, cornicing and coving were proven to be the most sought-after period interior trend, with more than 211,000 Instagram hashtags. This technique is where the plaster trims cover the transition between the wall and the ceiling. It has the potential to add a desirable decorative effect to any room.

living room with blue wall archway and sofa with designed cushions

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In the second spot is the hottest interior trend of the past few years - panelling. It had nearly 150,000 unique hashtags.

Unlike shorter-lived interior trends, panelling is here to stay due to its timeless appeal, as well as being an easy DIY task to take on yourself. Likewise, Google search trend data highlights a 190% increase in ‘wall panelling’ worldwide. Be guided by our wall panelling ideas piece if you're thinking of doing some of your own.

blue panel wall with grey sofa chair and cushion plant vase on table and lamp

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Timber floors are also catching on, with 110,377 photo hashtags. It's still a popular choice due to the floor's natural colouring and durability.

Other popular period interior features include a Victorian fireplace, ceiling roses, and cast iron radiators. Rounding off the trends are dado rails and Victorian floor tiles.

Interiors experts at (opens in new tab) say it's very possible to incorporate authentic and period features into your home where they're lacking. 'Most periods are easily identifiable stylistically,' they say.

hallway with white wall staircase with rug designed flooring

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'All it takes is a quick Google search to understand what period features would work with your property type.' A mixture of contemporary and historical styles can work side by side in any home.

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A roll-top bath, encaustic tiles and butler sinks (like the ones you'd see in a farmhouse style kitchen) also made it to the top fifteen list.

Millie Hurst
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