The fashionable floral Mother’s Day gift that’s in high demand this year

Fresh bunches have taken a back seat...

When Sunday 22nd March comes around, a number of doting sons and daughters will be treating their mum to a lovely brunch of flowers — but sadly, as always, these blooms won’t last very long.

The short lifespan of (plucked) living flowers is a real downside, especially when you’re splashing out on a lovely-looking bouquet. There’s also the environmental impact to consider.

dried flowers on table

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Wth sustainability and eco-friendly living at the forefront of our minds in 2020, it seems there’s a new floral trend that’s on the rise — dried flowers.

Etsy UK have reported a 93 per cent increase in searches for 'dried flowers' in the past six months (based on statistics from last year), and it's not hard to see why. Dehydrated blooms last longer and can be put on display in the exact same way as their living counterparts - be that in a vase, tied up with ribbon or on a wreath.

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dried flowers

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Etsy has a plethora of dried flower arrangements which are perfect for Mother's Day, such as this purple and pink bouquet which features eucalyptus and lavender. The bunch comes in at £15, which is considerably cheaper than living flowers of the same size.

Buy now: Dried flower arrangement, £15, Etsy

Another great product is the vintage-inspired dried flower wreath, which makes for a great kitchen centrepiece and works in the house all year around. The one on sale by Great British Florist is slightly pricier at £45 — but considering its long-term nature, it's well worth investing, in our opinion.

Buy now: Floral Wreath, Etsy, £45

bouquet of mixed dried flowers in woman hand

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But it’s not just flowers that feature in the beautiful arrangements, this pink-hued bouquet includes pampas grass and dried oats, too. This one would look great popped in a vase, to go on display in the home.

Buy now: Pink Bouquet, £25, Etsy

For a pop of pink, vibrant dried phalaris grass could be the answer — Etsy is selling a bunch for £14.99. They can be displayed on their own or added to other dried flowers for a bespoke arrangement.

Buy now: Phalaris Bunch, £14.99, Etsy

Just like living flowers, dried ones can be mixed to create different bouquets, but the main difference is that there's no time limit on their survival. Dried flowers can therefore be rearranged over the course of the year — a gift that really does keeps on giving!